FIG Online - About the Service

Hapoalim FIG Online offers a professional, convenient, efficient way for you to manage your business accounts and investments. The service provides current information on a variety of subjects for all of your business accounts.

What kind of account information is available?

You can enjoy highly secured access to your accounts for up-to-date information on:

  • Overall year-end balance summaries
  • Details on deposits
  • Foreign currency account transactions and balances
  • Foreign currency exchange rates (representative rates, cross rates, etc).     

Why should I register for FIG Online?

FIG Online is a worthwhile choice. No special Internet skills are necessary. The service saves time and provides you with a convenient and secure way to view and monitor your account online, enjoying total control and transparency.
The service allows you to obtain comprehensive information about your accounts, up to one year back, and monitor activity in your account. You can also save data and export data to your business’s accounting software. 


How do I register for the service?

To register your accounts for FIG Online, please complete the downloadable form and return two original copies to:
Financial Institutions Group
Bank Hapoalim B.M
46, Rothschild Blvd. (8th fl)
Tel-Aviv, Israel 66883


Please also send a copy by fax to Shekel customer service unit +972-3-567-3090


Connect to FIG Online

After you fax in the form, each user will receive a startup kit, including:

  • Minikey – Smart Identification Key 
  • Installation CD 
  • Initial password


Hardware and software requirements

  • Windows operating system, version 98 SE or higher
  • Internet Explorer browser, version 6 or higher
  • Make sure your browser definitions support downloading and running signed ActiveX (for details, contact your company’s network manager or our customer service at Support at Your Service).
  • USB port


How to add accounts after registration

If all authorizations and terms are identical in all of the accounts, and all of the accounts have the same owners, contact the Shekel customer service unit at +972-3-567-5185/ 5883/ 3220 to receive the form you completed when you first registered for the service, and add the information for the additional accounts.

If the authorizations and terms are different, or if the accounts have different owners, you will need to complete two new forms, send them again to the above address, and fax a copy
to +972-3-567-3090

How much does it cost?

The FIG Online service is provided free of charge.

Who should I contact if I encounter a problem while using the system?

Please contact the Shekel customer service unit at Bank Hapoalim,
at +972-3-567-5185/5883/3220


Authorizations and information security

World-class advanced information security – information security in the FIG Online service complies with exceptionally stringent international standards. Innovative identification measures are used to identify users when signing in to the system. Each user receives a Minikey (Smart Identification Key). Accounts can be accessed only by using the Minikey in combination with a password. 

Forgot your password or your password is blocked?

Please contact the Shekel customer service unit at +972-3-567-5185/ 5883/ 3220 to receive a new password

Support at your service

Click Support at FIG Online for assistance in all matters related to the Hapoalim FIG Online service.

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