Bank Hapoalim Awarded “Bank of the Year Israel 2017” Award By the Prestigious Magazine The Banker

The magazine’s publisher: “This win testifies to Bank Hapoalim’s strong management and sound business strategy” * The award is considered the Oscars of the global banking industry * Bank President and CEO Arik Pinto: “Our win is international recognition that Hapoalim is the leading bank in Israel thanks to its strategy of ‘Personal, Human and Technological,’ the dedication of our employees and the loyalty of our customers”



Bank Hapoalim is the winner of the “Bank of the Year Israel 2017” Award from the prestigious banking magazine The Banker of the Financial Times Group.
In a letter to Bank Hapoalim from The Banker publisher James Newman and the Financial Times Group publisher Angus Cashley, they said: “The goal of our awards program is to recognize excellence within the global banking community. The panel of judges at The Banker decided that Bank Hapoalim accomplished the greatest progress in the last 12 months. This progress is evident not only in the Bank’s positive financial data, but also in the broad range of initiatives they have undertaken during the past year.
“This winning of an award from The Banker, the oldest banking and finance journal in the world, testifies to Bank Hapoalim’s strong management and solid business strategy.”
More than 1,000 banks from 120 countries submitted their candidacy for the Best Bank in 2017 award from The Banker. Only one bank in each country was chosen for the award, referred to in some circles as the “Oscars of the banking world.”


Bank Hapoalim President and CEO Arik Pinto said: “Our winning of the ‘Best Bank in Israel 2017’ award from the prestigious magazine The Banker is international recognition of Bank Hapoalim’s performance, capabilities and innovativeness. It joins a long line of awards and titles the Bank has won in recent years thanks to our ‘Personal, Human and Technological’ strategy, thanks to the skills and dedication of the Bank’s employees and thanks to our customers’ loyalty. All of these have made Bank Hapoalim Israel’s leading bank and now it has been recognized as such by the international financial community as well.”
The Bank of the Year award is given based on data received from banks around the world, which is analyzed by the magazine’s experts. In addition to the business results, when making its decision, the magazine takes into account factors including the Bank’s strategy, growth directions, initiatives aimed at improving yield, and its adoption and implementation of advanced technologies.

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