Hapoalim in the Community

Hapoalim in the Community

Strategy and Vision

As part of the Bank Hapoalim Group’s vision, strategy, and corporate values, the Bank is committed to an active, leading role in the community, alongside its business leadership and economic initiatives. This involvement, implemented through “Poalim for the Community,” is part of an advanced managerial concept stating that an organization that operates within the community, and draws both its employees and customers from it, is an integral part of that community, and as a business leader, should strengthen the community and take a leading role in the advancement and improvement of conditions for all members of the community, especially those who are underprivileged.

The following are the details of the various channels and projects:

“Poalim Volunteers” employee volunteer project - Several Bank units collaborate on this project, aimed at assisting employees interested in volunteering for community activities. Within this collaboration, employees are offered a wide variety of volunteering possibilities, for groups, branches, or individuals. Other Bank employees also volunteer individually with the Bank’s assistance.


“Poalim for the Community” Foundation - contributes to a large number of causes, including assistance for children and youth, strengthening disadvantaged population groups, and support for educational, culture, welfare, health care, and science institutions. Through the Foundation, the Bank contributes to higher-education institutions, to scholarships for university students and underprivileged schoolchildren, and to the creation of educational initiatives and enrichment programs for children and youth, as well as for children who are hospitalized and need special assistance in order to progress in their studies.


The “Poalim for the Community” Foundation contributes to the advancement of culture and the arts, and makes donations to various activities throughout Israel, focusing on enrichment programs for children and youth via innovative educational projects. The Foundation helps to run workshops in Jewish and Arab schools throughout Israel in order to promote understanding and coexistence among the peoples and to encourage tolerance and democracy.
Another important area in which the “Poalim for the Community” Foundation is a regular donor is health care. The “Poalim for the Community” Foundation supports several medical centers, with donations intended mainly to improve conditions of patients’ treatment and hospitalization.


The Foundation also promotes projects aimed at integrating persons with disabilities into community life. In addition, the Foundation contributes to organizations that help realize wishes of children suffering from cancer. 


“Read & Succeed” community project - “Poalim for the Community” is committed to changing the reading habits of Israeli children and youth. The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of encouraging reading. The project includes a public informational campaign, distribution of books, funding of story hours throughout Israel, activities during National Book Week, and collaboration with the Children’s Channel and other media.


Community-oriented sponsorships - “Poalim for the Community” is involved in various community activities through community-oriented sponsorships, primarily encouraging excellence in sports, funding cultural events, and assisting health-care institutions.


Donations of computers and accompanying equipment - The Bank is aware of the paramount importance of investments in technological education for children and youth, and accordingly donates computers and other accompanying equipment each year.

“Poalim for Culture and Nature in Israel” - The Bank believes that closeness to our heritage and culture is of the utmost importance, and as part of this aim resolved to make it possible for parents and children throughout Israel to travel during holidays and enjoy a variety of sites all over the country, without the visits causing a heavy financial burden for the families. This project has become a tradition, with 48 sites opened to the public since 2006.


Support for culture and arts - Each year, the Bank contributes to the promotion of culture and the arts through donations and sponsorships; for example, the Bank provides support to museums throughout Israel. Likewise, the Bank accompanies and supports, through multi-year agreements, various internationally recognized cultural institutions which are committed to leadership and excellence in their field: the Bank supports the activity of the Batsheva Dance Company through three-year scholarships for dancers, and supports the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under a five-year agreement.


The Bank also holds art exhibits at its Head Office building, with revenues devoted to the various foundations that participate in this initiative. 

“From Three to Five” Project - Bank Hapoalim participated in the efforts of the Israel Technion Society and the ORT organization to help students from lower socio-economic backgrounds improve their academic achievements in mathematics. The aim is to increase the number of applicants for the 5 credit-points matriculation exam in mathematics by about 5%. The Bank’s involvement enabled 1,500 students to participate in the project during the current academic year.


“Matan – Your Way to Give” - Since 1999, the Bank has engaged in activity on behalf of the community in cooperation with the “Matan – Your Way to Give” Foundation.


Through the “Matan Campaign,” employees engaged in volunteer work gain awareness of community needs and the importance of giving, and bring this message to their colleagues. The model is based on partnership between management and employees in the workplace. All donations to “Matan” by employees and management are intended for a wide variety of community causes, aimed at supporting and strengthening disadvantaged groups in society.

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