Treasury Services

Treasury Services

Bank Hapoalim offers you a full range of currency services. Our large staff of seasoned traders is your gateway to a wide variety of financial instruments. With dealing rooms in Tel-Aviv, London, and New York supported by an advanced technological infrastructure, we are at your service around the clock.


Our Head Office Trading Room is regarded as the most innovative and professional in Israel, leading in the introduction of new products and in responsiveness to domestic and international clients.


We are the main market maker for trade in the Israeli shekel, providing prices in foreign exchange, forwards, options, interest rate swaps, and forward rate agreements.


Our traders are also market makers in the major foreign currencies, and also make prices in a variety of derivatives, including FX options, exotic options, and interest rate swaps.


Our commitment to market leadership and innovation includes plans for the continuous introduction of additional products.


Because we price and manage offerings in-house, we can offer you competitive prices compared with those of major market players around the world.

  • Main market maker in Israeli shekel
  • Market maker in major currencies in the local market
  • FX
  • Money market
  • Derivatives: options, IRS FRA, FRNs 



Dealing Monitor: POTA
Dealing: HAPI
Telephone: 972-3-567-3216
Fax: 972-3-567-3396

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