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Bank Hapoalim B.M. was founded in 1921 by the central institutions of the Jewish Settlement (the Yishuv) at the time, the Zionist Histadrut and the Histadrut General Federation of Hebrew Workers in Eretz Yisrael. 

Over the course of its history, the bank has developed an extensive network of branches and commercial banking activities, across all areas of banking, and provides a broad range of banking and financial services to its customers. Alongside its activities in Israel, the group also operates overseas and maintains connections with banks around the world.


Activity of the Bank Group in Israel

The bank group operates in Israel, in all of the various areas of banking and in associated activity in the capital market, through three main units: the Corporate Banking Division, the Retail Banking Division, and the Financial Markets and International Banking Division.
The division provides service to most of the bank's business customers; activities with large corporate clients are conducted by the division's industry-specific banking experts, while middle-market clients are served through Business Centers located throughout Israel, and through Service Centers providing operational services.
The division serves the private customers and small and mid-sized business clients of Bank Hapoalim, through hundreds of branches and self-service stations nationwide, a call center, digital channels, and social media. Customers of the Retail Banking Division benefit from a range of services encompassing current account management, credit, savings, foreign currency, capital-market activity, and professional consultation and guidance for customers with complex financial needs, using advanced tools. As part of the service and social responsibility concept instituted by the bank, all of the bank’s services have been made accessible to people with disabilities, and accessibility is promoted in the development of new products and in the creation of unique solutions for customers. 
The division oversees the activity of the bank group in most areas of the capital market, in Israel and overseas. This activity includes securities trading services (brokerage), securities custody, trading services in currencies and derivatives, research and consulting, services for financial asset managers, investment portfolio management, investment banking, underwriting, issuance management, and more. The international activity of the bank group includes the New York branch and representative offices, Hapoalim Switzerland, and Bank Pozitif in Turkey, as well as relationships maintained with banks around the world. Most of the international business banking activity of the bank is conducted through the New York branch, which focuses on providing comprehensive banking services to Israeli companies operating in the United States, as well as to local companies and clients, including credit, foreign trade, deposits, and dealing-room services. The New York branch offers its customers FDIC deposit insurance. The branch also grants credit through the acquisition of participations. 

Bank Hapoalim Organizational Structure

Bank Hapoalim Profile

The bank is headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Subordinate to the chairman are the CEO, the Chief Legal Advisor, and the Chief Internal Auditor. Units reporting to the CEO include the Chief Legal Advisor, Corporate Secretary, Spokesperson Office, and Marketing and Advertising.
Other units reporting to the CEO are Human Resources, Corporate Banking, Stakeholder Relations, Risk Management, CFO – Finance, Chief Accountant, Information Technology, Innovation & Strategy, Retail Banking, and Financial Markets and International Banking

Bank Hapoalim has subsidiaries in Israel and overseas, engaged in banking as well as in other areas.

We also invest in a wide range of activities through companies affiliated with the Bank Hapoalim Group, primarily in the Israeli economy.

Our areas of activity and subsidiaries:

For additional information regarding the bank's holdings in subsidiaries and affiliates, see the most recent financial statements of the bank.