Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Bank Hapoalim


Bank Hapoalim Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibility Report for 2017:


Bank Hapoalim acts accordingly to its deep commitment to advance sustainability and social responsibility. This commitment is demonstrated in the bank’s operations, its relationships with its stakeholders, and by its leading role in Israel’s business community.


This is the eleventh report to be published by Bank Hapoalim for its stakeholders. In 2017, as part of the strategy, the bank continued to identify and realize business opportunities, while promoting social and environmental benefits; improve service and fair, ethical conduct; form partnerships with stakeholders in Israeli society and in the community.


In 2017, a comprehensive, in-depth examination of the bank's activity in comparison to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations was performed for the first time. As one of the largest financial entities in Israel, the bank's routine activity contributes on the local level to the realization of some of the global objectives for sustainable development.


2017 was a year of listening, learning, and implementation. During the year the bank set in motion a large-scale process of dialogue with dozens of different stakeholders, internal and external to the bank, who illuminated various aspects of our activity and helped us understand and formulate new measures to strengthen our relationships with them. The first such measure is the expansion of channels for dialogue with the stakeholders: the bank launched a dedicated Facebook page, as a venue for continuous, unmediated dialogue with customers and the public and as a new channel for routine service. Another significant new initiative developed at the bank this year, reflecting its focus on stakeholders, is the "Financial Growth Center". The center is designed to provide customers and the general public with access to a wealth of financial knowledge and tools. This is another step towards realization of the vision of financial freedom. The activity and content of the center were developed during 2017, and it was open for full operation in the beginning of 2018. Within the unique activity of the Shared Value Center, operated for the second year under the Stakeholders Division, initiatives were developed and launched over the last year that combine business, social, and environmental aspects.


This CSR report refers to the calendar year 2017. This report was prepared in compliance with the Sustainability Report Standard (SRS) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), at the most advanced level of transparency (In Accordance: Comprehensive).

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