Ground Rules for Suppliers Working with Bank Hapoalim

Bank Hapoalim accords high importance to the cultivation of long-term relationships with its suppliers, for the benefit of both parties. Towards that end, several ground rules and ethical principles have been established for the conduct of suppliers working with the bank.

Suppliers undertake a commitment to act in accordance with these rules; along with quality, service, and business parameters, this commitment is a fundamental requirement for any contract with the bank.


  • Engagement – Corporate purchasing is the sole function at the bank authorized to manage supplier relationships, including negotiations, agreement on the terms of the contractual engagement, issuance of work orders, etc. Begin work on an order only after you receive an official, correct work order from the logistical or technological purchasing center of the bank. Any transfer of the execution of work/services to a third party requires appropriate approval.


  • Integrity and transparency – These values must be upheld. Provide full, clear information, with due disclosure and maximum transparency, regarding all matters relevant to your activity with the bank. Coordination of prices or terms with competing suppliers during bidding is prohibited. 


  • Professionalism and excellence – You are required to demonstrate proficiency and mastery of the areas under your responsibility; to perform your tasks at a high level of quality, with the appropriate professional caution; and to take full responsibility for the required product or service. 


  • Compliance with regulation – You must be thoroughly familiar and compliant with all regulatory requirements relevant to your activity, and act immediately to close any gaps. In addition, you are required to report any legal proceedings underway against you due to failure to comply with regulation.


  • Prevention of corruption and bribery – You declare that you reject corruption in all forms, and that you prohibit your employees and anyone acting on your behalf from giving or receiving bribes or improper benefits. You are prohibited from offering gifts or improper benefits, directly or indirectly, to the employees of the bank with whom you are in contact for the purposes of your work. 


  • Information security and confidentiality – You must avoid using any information to which you are exposed in the course of the contractual engagement for any purpose not related to the delivery of the service or product to the bank. In all cases, you must adhere to the rules concerning information security, personal privacy, and confidentiality of the data to which you are exposed in the course of your work with the bank. 


  • Fair employment – You are required to respect all of the rights of your employees, and to treat them respectfully and responsibly, as reflected, among other matters, in fair wages, including full direct and indirect payments; refraining from depriving employees of rest hours; ensuring safe working conditions; and more.


  • Equal opportunities and prevention of discrimination and harassment – You are expected to offer equal opportunities to all of your employees, based on material considerations, without discrimination due to religion, race, sex, age, etc., while promoting a work environment free of harassment of any kind. 


  • Social and environmental responsibility – You are expected to minimize the negative impact of your activity on the environment, and to promote environment-friendly solutions, including preservation and increased efficiency in the consumption of resources, prevention of pollution, and recycling and proper treatment of any waste generated by your activity. In addition, you must respect the community within which you operate and act in ways that do not harm the community.


This document does not replace any of the terms of the contract with the supplier. In any case of a discrepancy and/or difference in phrasing between this document and the contract with the supplier, the text of the contract with the supplier shall prevail.

We invite you to share any issue in your relationship with the bank that you feel is important.

For explanations and clarifications regarding the above content, the bank invites you to contact corporate purchasing. 

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