Bank Hapoalim - Health and Safety Policy Statement

January 2011

Policy Statement


  • Bank Hapoalim acts and operates its facilities in recognition of potential safety and hygiene risks. Accordingly, the CEO of the bank; the Head of Human Resources, Logistics, and Procurement; all managers; and the employees of Bank Hapoalim, including all parties employed by the bank, shall aspire to achieve their objectives and fulfill their tasks based on a personal commitment to the principles described below in the area of safety and hygiene management. 
  • Bank Hapoalim is committed to compliance with legal requirements – the laws and regulations of the State of Israel, including municipal bylaws, business licensing terms, and additional safety requirements received from government agencies from time to time. 
  • Bank Hapoalim works to identify and locate risks, and to maintain a program for management of the risks, while taking preventive action, as an essential, integral component of work processes in all areas of activity of the bank. 
  • Bank Hapoalim shall embed safety considerations in decision-making processes on all levels, in order to reduce negative impacts on health, and shall work to continually improve its work environment. 
  • Bank Hapoalim is committed to continual improvement of processes and activities, with the aim of preventing safety and hygiene risks to its employees and customers that may result from exposure to environmental pollution of any kind, and shall act to minimize all safety hazards and risks. 
  • Bank Hapoalim shall maintain training, instruction, and informative programs, as part of the structured work processes of its employees, in order to promote awareness of and responsibility for the protection of their safety and prevention of harm to employees and to customers who visit the premises of the bank. 
  • The management of Bank Hapoalim shall ensure that this policy is published, and that it is clear to each of its employees and to all parties employed on its behalf.


Zion Kenan   

President & CEO 


Efrat Yavetz
Head of Human Resources, Logistics, and Procurement

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