The Client's Wellbeing

The bank strives to develop services and products based on an approach of shared value that best meets changing customer needs and creates economic value for the bank, while strictly adhering to principles of sustainability and social responsibility. 


Bank Hapoalim is aware that customer needs and ambitions change at different stages in life. In view of this fact, the bank seeks to place at customers' disposal all financial information and services that may assist them in understanding, planning, and carrying out their long and short-term financial decisions. The customer’s point of view is derived from a sustainable approach, and it involves a relationship aimed at maintaining an overall view of the needs of customers and their families over time.


The bank understands the importance time has for every customer in a global world where organizations and individuals operate around the clock. It therefore provides its customers with the means to hold bank meetings, perform transactions and obtain banking information regardless of time and place. In order to meet such requirements, the bank operates the "Poalim Around the Clock" 24 Hour service that provides a multi-channeled network for meetings with customers through the use of telephones, cell-phones, Internet, self-service equipment and bank branch types adapted to different customer needs. Following are the different ways value is created for customers - the bank’s central stakeholders:

  • Development of responsible products and services to foster economic and environmental sustainability for our customers ad for the economy as a whole.
  • Maintaining a multi-channeled network for communication with customers at any time and place, with appropriate accessibility.
  • Providing optimal service to achieve customer satisfaction; responding to and learning from customer communications.
  • Responsiveness to customers` needs through all life stages.
  • Solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of different customer groups. 


Implementation of the sustainability and CSR program, in view of the its founding principles as described in the report, helped the bank reach significant achievements at all levels of activity. Following are a few examples of the bank's achievements in 2016:

  • The bank initiated a "Small Business Day" in Israel, participated by thousands of small businesses and hundreds thousands of clients;
  • The bank provided a total of NIS 27.3 billion in credit to small businesses, or 16.4% of the total credit granted by the bank during the year;
  • Poalim for Business Fund – From the Fund’s establishment to the date of this report’s preparation, the Bank granted NIS 450 million in credit.
  • The bank has developed an online Education for Budget Management Program as well as Family Budget Management Workshops. Since 2007, the bank has held educational and online workshops throughout Israel;
  • The bank had granted credit in a cumulative amount of NIS 6.53 billion for environmental projects and products.
  • Multi-channel banking: in 2016 the bank had 906,000 customers who used mobile services, 1 million active accounts in Poalim by Telephone and 1.4 million active users on the bank`s website.
  • The bank has led a strategic initiative, and shall continue to expand it in the coming years, aimed at promoting the financial freedom of "new seniors." This drive will encompass unique services, products, and benefits for the peri-retirement population, responding to their specific needs


* Labor Force Survey (CBS), January 2017

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